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Sampling pumps are pumps that are used to collect a sample either in a filter or in a tube of some absorbent material. These pumps resemble human respiration and are used in Occupational Health for the measurement of different parameters of exposure of the person to particulate matter, gases and / or vapors.


The AGI sampling pump by Amar Gases Instrumentation (AGI) is a versatile and reliable instrument designed for accurate and efficient sampling. With a flow rate range of 3 liters per minute (3 LPM), it can accommodate a wide range of applications. The pump features both vacuum and flow ports, allowing for the creation of a vacuum environment and easy integration into sampling setups. Built with durability in mind, the pump delivers consistent performance over time. User-friendly controls and interfaces make operation and monitoring simple. The AGI sampling pump is an ideal choice for industries requiring precise and reliable sampling capabilities.

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