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Glass Tube Rotameter

For many corrosive, low-pressure air, water and gas flow applications, it pays to use accurate instrumentation. The AGI series provides highly repeatable results and affordable.

AGI offers a wide variety of precision rotameters for use in medical, industrial, chemical, and laboratory applications. Over twenty years of experience in the manufacture of acrylic flowmeters enables us to provide a large assortment of standard styles at economical prices. Our production and engineering processes are flexible enough to allow us to meet most OEM and end user requirements.

AGI flowmeters have been engineered with built-in quality, designed for economy. AGI manufactures custom variable area rotameters and accessories as part of a complete flow instrumentation system solution. Our custom flowmeters are designed and manufactured to be durable, accurate, and suitable for measuring water, low viscosity fluids, compressed air, steam and more in medical, industrial, chemical, and laboratory applications. However, for customers that require products that must be customized to meet specialized application requirements, we offer precision machined acrylic, glass, or polycarbonate flowmeters for argon, carbon dioxide, helium, nitrogen, nitrous oxide and/or oxygen.


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