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Digital Air Flow Meter Range

  • Amar Gases Instrumentation's digital flow meter, crafted with cutting-edge sensor technology, guarantees unparalleled accuracy in gas flow measurements.

  • Employing the TPC calibration method, our digital flow meter fine-tunes pulse output for specific flow conditions, ensuring optimal precision.

  • Tailored for diverse applications, Amar Gases Instrumentation's digital flow meter offers customized accuracy by calibration for various gases, temperatures, and pressures.

  • Calibration through the TPC method correlates sensor output with known flow rates, positioning our digital flow meter as a reliable and accurate solution in real-world scenarios.

Available Ranges

AGI offers a diverse range of digital flow meters, providing versatility to suit a wide spectrum of applications and industries. From low to high flow rates, AGI's digital flow meters are available in various ranges, allowing users to select models that precisely meet their specific measurement requirements. This comprehensive range ensures that AGI can cater to the needs of industries with varying flow conditions, providing accurate and reliable flow measurement solutions across different scales of operation.
1 cc To 100 cc / min
2 cc To 200 cc / min
5 cc to 500 cc / min
10 cc to 1000 cc / min
50 cc To 5 L / min
100 cc To 10 L / min
200 cc To 20 L / min

Note : Customisable flow range available on request




available with DFM V1 and V2 models only



Available to buy seperately


Disposable Filter

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